It’s Time to Amend the Second Amendment

by Fred Flaxman

How many school children have to be slaughtered in their classrooms before we do something serious about the easy access to assault weapons and other guns of war to civilians in the United States? How many movie theater audiences have to be mowed down? How many church congregations killed in their own houses of worship? How many innocent shoppers need to be shot in a shopping mall?

We need to amend the Second Amendment to the Constitution, which guarantees our “right to bear arms,” in order to pass sensible gun regulations.

Although adults have a right to drive, which is not guaranteed by our Constitution, they need to pass a driving test and obtain a driving license. Gun owners should also pass a test to prove that they can handle firearms responsibly, and they should then receive a license. They should not be allowed to purchase weapons of mass destruction. Criminals and people with serious mental problems which could lead them to violence should not be able to obtain guns at all, never mind so easily.

Please join me in supporting a simple amendment to the Constitution which would make sensible regulation of gun ownership possible on a national basis. It could read as follows: “The Second Amendment to the Constitution is hereby amended to permit the registration, licensing, regulation, and limitation of firearms by the Federal Government.” Sign my petition to the House of Representatives and the Senate at

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